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Cade’s trying to get over a broken heart when his friend Jack takes him off to a nightclub, named only, The Club. Although at first Cade is shocked by the place he meets Marissa. It’s not long before he and Marissa get together, but under the pressure of expectations from, The Club, and Marissa’s fear of commitment, they’re both running in opposite directions.
Gorgeous Cade has touched Marissa’s heart in ways she doesn’t want to admit.
Lovely Marissa has lifted Cade’s sadness and opened his heart to love again.

The trouble is — someone has to give a little. Who’s it going to be?

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Something strange happened to Cade when Jayne dumped him. Every scrap of confidence he possessed disappeared, just like dew on the grass in a blaze of morning sun. Cade felt scorched. Her parting words still burned in his heart.
“You’re hopeless in bed.”
Cade considered her declaration once again as he stared out with unseeing eyes across the wide expanse of river from his corner office in the prestigious tower block. He put down his coffee cup. “Hopeless.” He said it aloud, tasting the bitterness in the finality of the word. “If she’d said, bad, or not very good, but hopeless, it implies I couldn’t even improve.”
Cade stood and wandered to the huge pane of glass that was the left side of his office wall. He rested his forehead on it and sighed. Today he felt more melancholy than ever. It was his anniversary. One year ago, Jayne had dumped him. The engagement ring she’d pressed into his hand before she swept out of their apartment was still on the bookshelf, where he’d dropped it as tears filled his eyes.
He was ashamed he’d cried, but even now, a year later, he saw the busy road far below as a blur. Cade hadn’t dated since the break-up. At first, he couldn’t because the truth was, he still loved Jayne, and then he couldn’t because he had no confidence that any woman would want him. She might at first, and then when it comes to my hopeless performance in bed, she’ll hightail it quick smart. Cade moved back from the window and saw his breath had made a patch of white on the glass. He wrote the word ‘hopeless’ in the cloud on the window.
There was a knock on the door and Cade spun around. He swiped the back of his hand across his cheek, where a solitary tear lingered.
His secretary opened the door and walked in a couple of steps.
“Cade, your three-thirty appointment is in the lobby. Will I have him brought up?”
Cade nodded. “Sure, Abbi, and then will you bring coffee, please.” He watched her pretty eyes fill with warmth.
She smiled at him. “I will.”
Cade went to the drawing table in the corner of the office and looked over the design for the client. A smile teased at the corners of his mouth. Cade loved his work. The enjoyment of creating a beautiful building design and seeing it come to life in the hands of the builders never failed to cheer him.
Cade dashed into the bistro and saw Jack waving at him from a table halfway across the room. He slowed his pace and joined his old friends. On alternate Thursday nights, he met Jack and Gary for a meal and they caught up on each other’s lives.
Tonight, Gary left around nine to get home to his girlfriend.
Jack waited until the restaurant door closed behind Gary and then he gave Cade a purposeful stare.
“Have you thought over what we talked about last week, Cade?”
Cade took a deep breath. “I know I need something, but I’m not sure it’s that.”
“It might be just the thing, a different way of looking at sex, something to spark you up. I couldn’t go back now. It’s a lifestyle choice, I know, but why not come to The Club tomorrow night? My Sub has asked to prove she can cope with someone watching us. She’s a sweetie.”
Cade looked away from his friend’s sympathetic expression. He turned his coffee cup around and drank the last cool mouthful.
“I thought your private room was always under surveillance.”
Jack grinned. “Audio or visual, or both, should either participant require. It’s not the same as being out there on the floor though. There’s something exotic about having other Doms watching live. It’s all quite civilized. We’re courteous, dress well … have to make sure we’re healthy. It’s not a cathouse or a strip club, Cade. It’s an opulent, well-established lifestyle club. No one does anything they don’t want to. Hell, if I was actually coming, and my Sub said her safe word, I’d stop what I was doing immediately, and check on her welfare. It could be what you need. You could ease into it. How long since you even jerked off?”
Embarrassment flooded Cade. He looked around to check if anyone had heard Jack, but the tables close by had emptied.
Jack continued, “I’m only asking because you told me nothing turned you on anymore. You were loudly lamenting that fact last time we had a few beers.”
Cade went hot and then cold. He’d determined never to have a few beers again after that experience. He made the decision to check out Jack’s club the next night. He’d go there and then that would be it. Jack couldn’t say he hadn’t given the lifestyle a look.
“What time will I meet you tomorrow night?”
Jack smiled. “There you go. Meet me about ten. You know the address and the dress code from my other persuasive chats. Bring that health questionnaire and registration form I gave you, filled in.”

Cade sighed before he nodded in answer. “Okay.”
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Five stars from A Readers favorite

Elodie Parkes has written a captivating story about a vulnerable man. This is a pleasant change from today’s literature. Where every story is usually about a heartbroken woman, Parkes has given us a man who is broken down and vulnerable. Also, even though you may find this novel in the BDSM category, there isn’t much BDSM in the novel itself. It is purely a love story and the BDSM club and setting are classy and very elegant. Plus, the two leads are endearing and very relatable. I really enjoyed this novel and am looking forward to reading more from Elodie Parkes.

4 and a half stars from Manic Readers

I usually enjoy Parkes’ stories and I loved Rescuing Cade. There are a couple of D/s elements, but very tame, and they take a far backseat to the love story between, Cade and Marissa.
Cade’s self-confidence is at an all time low, because his ex not only dumped him, but delivered a crushing blow to his ego, by telling him he was “hopeless” in bed. He hasn’t had the courage to try bedding any woman since then, and his friend and co-worker has persuaded him to try a BDSM club, hoping he will be able to throw off the disparaging comment about his sexual prowess.
There he meets Marissa, a house Domme, who is intrigued by him. However, Cade is not keen on the D/s dynamic and so the dilemma becomes, can Marissa settle for changing her entire lifestyle? Can Cade? Will love win out, or will lifestyle?
I liked these two, and hated the ex for devastating Cade like she did. Most men could stand to learn a thing or two about lovemaking, but “hopeless” seems too hurtful. However, it is that very remark that forms the basis for the entire story.

I think you’ll like the hero’s journey here, and identify with the dilemma these two face as they try to be together.

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