Eden Farrell, PI, wolf #shifter, gorgeous, goes after what he wants, and now he wants Liberty. #erotic #PNR midweek teaser

From Wolf Bond book two in The Venn Pack in Love series #PNR from Siren Publishing
Liberty Venn longs for love after her alpha brother, Joshua, found it with Dani Cruz. It’s a year after the Cruz entrepreneurs have regenerated the town and saved Liberty from closing her cafe.
When a stranger arrives in town, he instantly captures lonely Liberty’s attention. Drawn to him by a deep undeniable instinct, Liberty loses her heart when Eden Farrell flirts with her.
Will he be the lover she’s begun to long for?
Eden Farrell, PI, wolf shifter, gorgeous, goes after what he wants, and now he wants Liberty. He recognizes the wolf in her long before she knows what he is. He ignites a passion in Liberty and she delights him with her response.
As a deep bond forms between them, danger follows Eden. He’s in love with Liberty, and believes nothing will keep him from her. Trouble is; danger is out to find them both. 
Read the teaser 18+
She went straight into his arms as he held them out to her.
His kiss was gentle, and he left his arm around her shoulders as they began walking along the street. “You look beautiful. You smell delicious.”
Liberty pushed her arm around his waist and gave him a squeeze. “I closed a little early to run home and change.”
Eden detoured into the garden area of the bar and led her to stand near one of the magnolia trees. He held her close and kissed her.
Liberty molded her body to his, pressing against him. She breathed in the masculine scent of his skin against her nose as she kissed him, lingering and taking more kisses. From her peaking nipples to her clenching thighs, every single part of her tingled and she sighed, yearning to push his shirt up and feel his skin under her fingers and her tongue. A huge wave of lust tore a low moan from her, and she rested her face against his chest, trying to gain control of her breathing.
Eden’s heart hammered under her palm as she ran her hand over him. He lifted her face with a gentle hand to gaze into her eyes. “Liberty, that kiss—do you know what that kiss told me?” His voice a whisper, he moved his mouth so close to hers, Liberty longed for his lips on hers. Her need for him bordered on painful. She could hardly speak. In a voice made husky with desire, she answered, “Tell me.”
“You want me. You’re longing for my naked body covering yours. You need my cock ramming into your heated, creaming pussy. Isn’t that right?”
Liberty’s stomach tightened. Her pussy throbbed and cream drenched her panties. She surged against him, pushing her arms up around his neck, clinging to him, her mouth open against his.
The hard column of his erection teased her.
He slid his tongue on hers.
She broke the kiss. “Yes, yes, you’re right.”
He lifted her, his hands under her thighs so that her dress fell back and she locked her legs around his hips.
She groaned into his lips when her heated pussy contacted the bulge in his jeans. Her panties were so wet the fabric thinned and it was bliss to press against him.
“I need you, too. I need you badly. I’m aching for you. My cock’s so hard it’s about to burst through my jeans. We could go to my apartment.”
Liberty’s heart leapt. “Yes, forget the drink, let’s go there.”
Eden took a step, holding her close, and then he smiled. “I should let you down.” He set her on her feet, but wrapped an arm around her waist, his hand resting on her ass possessively.
Liberty’s legs felt like jelly. She let him guide her, almost unaware of the street and the people, the promise of sex with Eden making her light-headed. He led her into the building and stopped at the open door where the stairs ascended to his apartment.
He ran his fingertips over her face, down her neck to hold her head. His kiss sent a throb through her clit and a fresh drench of cream in her pussy. Liberty floated in the luscious melting sensation that traveled over her entire body.
Eden lifted his face from hers. “You’re sure?”
Liberty couldn’t bear the thought of not making love with Eden. Nothing could stop her now. She wanted him more than she’d ever wanted anything in her life. “Yes.” There was nothing else to say, unless she succumbed to begging to be fucked, which was what she actually felt like doing.
Eden picked her up, his arm around her waist, and a hand under her thighs. He carried her up the stairs to his apartment.
Liberty gasped and smiled as he took the stairs easily.
At the top, he slid her down his body.
The movement brought her shift dress up around her waist.
Eden’s eyes darkened as his gaze traveled to her bare legs and up to rest on the V between her legs.
Liberty had chosen her flimsiest, most transparent lace panties to wear. She enjoyed his heated perusal. She reached out and took his hand to bring his fingertips onto her slit where her wet pussy made the lace cling.
Eden slumped a little. His breath left him in a groan and he seemed to stagger. He bent his head and leaned his forehead on hers.
“Touching you…like this…it’s sweet torture. I can’t imagine what it will be like to slide my fingers into you, to thrust my cock into you, but I know if we don’t fuck soon, hard and urgently, I’m gonna come in my pants.”
Liberty eyes closed with lust. She angled her hips so that his fingers slipped between her legs. “Do it now. Fuck me hard and fast. Suck my nipples. Ram your fingers into my pussy. I am desperate for you.”
Eden fumbled with the key in the lock.
Liberty saw his hands shake. Her whole body trembled.
He pulled her into his apartment and knocked the door closed with his foot. He grabbed her shoulders, turned her, and dragged the zipper of her dress down.
Liberty helped him push it down her hips. It pooled around her ankles.
Eden sucked on the soft part of her shoulder, sending powerful streaks of pleasure right to her nipples. He unclipped her bra.
Liberty let it slide off as she leaned back into Eden’s arms.
He ran a hand inside her panties, and stroked her cream-slicked folds as he dotted kisses down her neck, his other hand kneading one of her breasts.
Liberty moved her head trying to kiss his mouth.
He brought her to face him, his fingers trailing her juices up her stomach.
Liberty held the hem of his T-shirt and dragged it up to reveal his chest. She kissed and licked up his muscles and grazed her teeth on his nipples.
Eden’s eyes were closed as she looked up at him.
He held her hips with strong hands.
She whispered, “Take it off. Take everything off.” 
Copyright Elodie Parkes Siren Publishing 
In love with wolf shifters? Erotic, suspenseful, different. Chock full of hot love and cool characters ( Top 7 Siren best sellers on release, 5 star Readers' Favorite reviews)
The Venn Pack in Love from Siren Publishing.
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