#FlashbackFriday To leave you breathless #erotica #romance #NSFW @evernightpub read an entire scorching chapter

#FlashbackFriday To leave you breathless
Erotic romance 
#NSFW mild bondage 

Dishy Seth Callahan relocates one of his business offices to a pretty Louisiana town. He’s lonely and discovers an emptiness inside him he just can’t fill … until he starts his house parties, where he fills the hollow with sultry encounters.

Four years later, his house parties attract lonely people looking for sensual comfort from far and wide. 

Rosanna Pyne arrives in town seeking solace after a bad relationship, and her neighbors take her to one of Seth’s parties.

Seth notices her right away. He approaches her, but Rosanna backs away from Seth’s steamy advances.

Seth engages in erotic fantasies about the lovely Rosanna until one night she makes a move on him.

Rosanna is looking for someone to love her. Is there any chance it might be Seth?

Read the #FlashbackFriday teaser An entire scorching chapter from Leave me Breathless 18+ 

Chapter Two

Desire swept over Seth from the middle of his clenched stomach to his tightening balls. His breath left him for a second and made his voice a whisper. “I am.”

Rosanna’s reply delighted him. “I’d like to skip the charming part and get right to the pants off.”

Seth’s cock jerked. He took the hot chocolate from her hands and placed it on the kitchen counter without even looking. He couldn’t tear his gaze away from Rosanna’s eyes. In one move, he had her in his arms. He kissed along her shoulder, caught the shoestring strap of her dress in his teeth, and pulled it down her arm. He left it there and traced kisses along the top of her breasts in a trail that led to her neck. Each contact with her skin sent his desire up a notch until he burned for her.

She murmured softly as he kissed her neck, sucking, licking, kissing, until she shifted in his arms, trying to reach his mouth with hers.

Seth loosed her for a second before he held her face, his fingers caressing her ears as he kissed her lips.

She molded her body to his, returning his kiss with so much hunger and passion, Seth moved a hand along her back to cup her ass and ram his aching cock on her stomach. He kissed her toward one side of the room, and with each kiss, she moaned low, clinging to him, her arms pushed up around his neck. He picked her up and jammed her against the wall.

She lifted her legs to circle his hips. The hem of her dress rose and fell away on each side of her hips in a slick of silk.

Seth pressed between her thighs. The warmth from her pussy penetrated his suit pants and made his cock leak. He thrust his hips in long, slow, movements, plundering her mouth with his tongue. His heart pounded and he drifted in a haze of such desperate desire that he broke the stream of kisses to whisper against her lips. “Come with me to a private place. This is killing me. I need to fuck you. I have to fuck you. I want my tongue in your cunt and then my cock pounding into you. I want you coming on me moaning. I want us fucking and coming over and over, until we can’t stand up.”

Rosanna pushed against his chest with her palms and slid her legs to the floor. She slipped her arms around Seth’s waist and leaned her head against his chest.

Her softly voiced words tore into his lust-fogged mind.

“I’ve made a mistake. I don’t think I can do this … not … not right now … when I’ve only just met you.”

Seth stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head. His cock was painfully hard, and disappointment washed his haze of lust away.

“It’s okay, but just so you understand about this club. That’s what we do here in the house parties. We come here so that we can have sex without knowing each other.” He lifted her face tenderly with a hand under her jaw and kissed her softly. “Your friends should have told you that.”

He moved away from her gently so that she wouldn’t think he was angry. He turned and walked away. Nothing had ever felt like the kisses he’d shared with Rosanna. He’d never experienced such intense desire. It wasn’t just the urgent need to fuck and come, but an overwhelming need to kiss every part of her body, to trail his fingers over every inch of her skin, please and tease her, love her until she knew she was loved. Seth sighed despondently at the nature of his desire. This was unexpected. He wove through the room full of people to the front door.

Solar lamps lit the pathway, and ropes of white fairy lights adorned the two large juniper trees that stood like sentinels at the end of the path, before it joined the driveway. Seth walked across the drive onto the lawn. At the end of the lawn behind a stand of palm trees and low-growing bougainvillea was what Seth called his summerhouse. A small bungalow where he went for solitude and where he would have brought Rosanna if she hadn’t changed her mind, it was hidden from general view.

He went in and turned on one of the table lamps. As he walked along to a back room that served as a kitchen-diner, he stripped off his tie and shirt, dropping them to the hardwood floor. The switches for the fans were on the wall of the room, and after he’d taken a bottle of vodka from the small fridge and a glass from the cupboard, he flipped the switch. The fans already swished around as he returned to the main room and flopped down on the big leather couch. He poured a drink and leaned back to sip the chilled, clear liquid.

Seth’s cock hadn’t shrunk much from having been so hard when he’d kissed Rosanna and he was painfully aware of this. His desire still pulsed in his balls. He clicked the glass of vodka down onto the low table by the couch and unzipped his pants. On nights when he attended his own club parties, he went commando, so now he accessed his slowly dwindling erection and stroked it back into a hard column. He ran his fingertips up and down, deliberately teasing himself. He lifted his ass and pulled his suit pants down so that he could access his balls and inner thighs. Seth took a drink of vodka. The glass cooled his fingers, and it was heaven when he traced a path around his sac and up his cock.

He thought about Rosanna. I’d like her to be here now bent over me, her mouth on my cock. She’d be naked and I’d wind her hair around my hand so that she couldn’t escape me. I’d drag her over my knee, and then with her breasts crushed against my cock, I’d slap her ass for teasing and then finger her cunt with my hand between her legs from the back so that her cream would run down my palm. My thumb would play at the ring of her tight little ass. She’d ask to be fuckedbeg for it, but I’d stop finger fucking her just as she was about to come. Mmm, yes, I’d turn her over and lick her juices from my fingersmake her lick them toosuck on my finger, and she’d bite because she’s so sexy, so sexy. I’d kiss along her stomach to her shaved slit and tongue her clit until she grabbed my head and whimpered to come, but I still wouldn’t let her.

He grasped his leaking cock in his fist and pumped. He wouldn’t last long picturing Rosanna, her lips, her darkened green eyes. His balls lifted and he stopped pumping. His breath came in gasps and his stomach clenched.

Oh yes, my lovely little Rosanna. I’d tie her spread-eagled to my desk, and every hour I’d finger her, make her wet, slip a vibrator inside her on low so that she moaned with pleasure, but then I’d leave hertake the vibrator away, lap at her cunt, bite down each thigh, kiss her lipssweetness. She’d be so in need when I untied her in the dark of night, she’d melt into my arms. I’d kiss her as my fingers slipped in her wet pussy. I’d bite her bottom lip that begs to be sucked into my mouth.

He sheathed his cock in his fist again, and this time he didn’t stop pumping.

I’d put her on the floor facedown. She’d stick her ass in the air to be fucked. Her cunt would glisten wet between her legs. I’d drag her up by the hips and ram my cock into her over and over

Seth’s cum spurted in hot streaks over his hand, up his stomach, and he groaned, breathless and bucking his hips, the pleasure so great it bordered on pain and brought a frown to his forehead. He threw his head back and let the aftershocks of pleasure throb in his cock.

Fucking hellI will get herI’ll bring her here and fuck her so hard she’ll crave it every day, come to my office, lie at my feet, her legs open, no panties, and she’ll finger herself until I kneel and lick her off, suck her clit, tongue her to orgasm. I need her. I have to get her. How?

Seth closed his eyes as he laid his head on the back of the couch. When his breathing had returned to normal and his heart had stopped hammering, he stood and pulled up his pants. He picked up the glass of vodka. It had lost most of its iciness, but he drank it down, grabbed the bottle by the neck, and went to the back room. He put the bottle back in the fridge and then placed the glass in the slim line dishwasher installed between the cupboard and the small sink unit. Seth ran a hand over his forehead into his hair. It stood on end for a moment, then flopped over. He stared out the window into the darkness. I’ll drop by her business premises tomorrow.

* * * *
Rosanna watched Seth leave the kitchen after her rejection. On legs that felt like jello, she crossed to the counter where the hot chocolate he’d made her sat cooling. She picked it up with trembling fingers and drank some. Her heart raced and she closed her eyes as she considered Seth. His kisses were so good, so sexy, wet heat had slipped into her panties. The way he looked at her with those cornflower-blue eyes of his was enough to scorch her dress right off. She relived the way he’d picked her up and pushed her against the wall. Her pussy throbbed then, and she put the cup of chocolate down. She ran her tongue over her lips and it made her crave Seth’s kiss, his tongue on hers. Her nipples stood up, peaking in the cooled air, but more in need of Seth’s mouth on them now than from the air-con.

Why did I chicken out? He’s exactly what I needmy type, dark hair, stubble grazing my cheek, his hard cock pressed between my legs. Holy hell, even through the fabric of his suit pants, it felt incredible. That’s why I came here—to get laid. I need to get laid, and he’d be like heaven to fuck those muscles, those thighs, that ass, oh my God.

She took a deep breath, smoothed her dress down over her hips, and walked out of the kitchen just as a server arrived with an empty tray. He gave her a polite nod and she smiled, quickly passing him in the doorway.
She wandered through the rooms looking for Simon and Beau, the guys who’d brought her. When she couldn’t find them, she assumed they were holed up fucking in one of the booths with the curtains drawn. They’d laughed as they’d shown her how the long velvet drapes closed around the front of the booth, making a secret place, still safe they’d said, because a person can leave anytime they like.

They’d each made a pass at her not long after she’d moved into the house next door to them. They’d found a way to flirt with her as she walked to her car parked on the drive or checked her mailbox at the end of it.

They weren’t her type, but they’d quickly read her need. She must be telegraphing the need to fuck, because they’d soon asked her to the house party, to this sex club. Rosanna leaned on the ornate wooden rail of the mezzanine floor and gazed down on the small area where people danced. The music evoked sex. A low, pounding beat with an evocative melody threaded through invited the dancers to thrust their hips and lean close until they touched and finally ground against each other’s bodies.

Rosanna sighed wishing she’d taken Seth Callahan onto the dance floor and pressed her body up against his until she couldn’t take the tease anymore and went into the satin night air to fuck in the grass without caring that they’d just met. She went to the cloakroom and found her bolero jacket. From the pocket hidden in the side seam, she took out her credit card and the tiny plastic membership card for the club. It was embossed with a beautiful white magnolia flower on one side with just a simple phrase, “house party member, not even capitalized, and on the other, the telephone numbers of two cab companies were printed. She went to the phone on the wall of the cloakroom and called a taxi. Within ten minutes, she was in the back of a sleek, gray sedan being driven home.

©Elodie Parkes 2016 Evernight Publishing

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