Marianne wishes he'd pull himself together and stop chasing ass. #midweekteaser #erotica #romance with a twist of paranormal

Midweek teaser 
Romantic erotica, PNR 
Clip my Wings

Drew has a problem. He's addicted to sex. He just can't help himself. 
Marianne's always loved him. She wishes he'd pull himself together and stop chasing ass. She doesn't know it but very soon she'll find out why he does.

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Drew Devereux stared at his reflection. The mirror was speckled with age and surrounded with an ornate, antique frame. Condensation built on it again, and he swiped a space to look into his eyes.
You know you won’t do it. Throw the leaflet away. Why care? After years, will you change? Do you really want to?
Last night, Marianne had accused him of being addicted to sex, and handed him information about an addiction group. He’d considered her words. He loved sex. He couldn’t wait for the next time. He savored every second, and yet sometimes recently it left a bitter taste in his mouth.
Does that mean I’m addicted? He’d researched the addiction online before going to sleep and definitely some of the symptoms fit.
He turned from the mirror, ran his hands through his thick dark hair, and padded to his armoire. Drew flicked the hangers along absently. He paid no attention to the clothes hanging there. His mind tumbled with luscious memories of the night before, to a young woman, whose name he couldn’t remember, with her thighs open to his hungry gaze and his fingertips. Her panties, just a scrap of black lace, revealed the contours of her sex as they caught in her damp slit. He loved the scent of arousal as he peeled the panties from her, loved the bare, wet welcome of her pussy as he bent to lap at her folds, and suck on her delicious clit.
Drew sighed, recalling how he’d soaked up the accelerating sighs and throaty sounds of pleasure as he pumped his fingers in her. God damn, I love sex, love the smell, the rush, the overwhelming waves of pleasure … it’s not an addiction … I just love sex is all. His cock stirred at the pictures in his head.
He grabbed a pair of jeans from the hanger that had slid to a halt in front of him. He dragged them on. T-shirts fresh from the laundry, folded in a neat stack on the built-in shelf, crumpled and rucked up as he yanked one from midway down the pile.
Hell, I don’t even know if I’ll ever love again. He pulled the T-shirt on. I want pussy, want the slow grip as it envelops my cock. I want the crush of breasts against my chest and the taste of satin skin on my tongue as I suck. Fuck … I’m getting an erection.
Drew ran down the two flights of stairs to the enormous kitchen. The strong aroma of coffee greeted him.
Marianne was already at work in one corner, weighing, mixing, stirring, and filling the colored vials for the shop. She bent over the table. Her shapely ass clothed in denim shorts immediately captured his attention. Sexual need slammed into him. His stomach clenched and his cock jerked. The spasm completed his erection. Drew’s gaze roamed over her shapely thighs—the way a V-shaped space formed between them at the top, the soft part at the bottom of her ass…
I could slide my fingers into that space. A handful of that ass is just what I need. Damn, she’s my oldest friend, and—not interested.
He turned and ran back up the stairs. His cock strained behind his zipper. He hadn’t reached the sanctuary of his own bedroom before he opened his jeans and sheathed his erection in one hand. He closed the bedroom door already gasping, working his cock to orgasm. He leaned on the door and gave himself what he knew he must. The orgasm ripped through him and buckled his knees. He slid down the door, his T-shirt rumpling up at the back, but catching on his chest muscles at the front, his breathing heavy. Fucking hell…Drew squatted there to calm himself. Sometimes the peace of having an orgasm didn’t last long these days, and he’d be looking forward to the next in minutes.
Drew stood and strode to his bathroom. He cleaned up and looked into the mirror again. Get a fucking grip. With that thought, he walked over to his bedroom window, a wide double door that led to a balcony. It was still early enough for the street below to lack the throng of tourists, or the writhing participants of a festival. Drew leaned on the pale green wrought iron balustrade and looked down. He’d fucked a young woman against the rail two nights ago. He pictured her hanging onto the rail moaning, as he fucked her from behind. Drew shook his head, trying to clear it. They love it … they always come … I’m tender … caring…He left the balcony and went slowly down the stairs to the kitchen.
Empty now of the enticement that was Marianne, Drew poured a cup of coffee and wandered over to check out the diary. They had a tour to conduct at midday in the cemetery. It would be full of potential conquests, young women throwing caution to the wind as they vacationed in the warm, historic city. Lovely sexy women in tiny shorts, or dresses that floated to the floor, as he took them off, they never said no to him. They sometimes asked to see him again, but no way was he going there. No woman wants to know she’s a one-night stand, a fuck. He’d smile his charming smile, nod a little, and tell them he’d find them. He knew the vague promise was enough in the heady atmosphere of New Orleans.
Drew sat down heavily on one of the carved wooden kitchen chairs. Lots of the furniture was antique. Marianne’s mom had left her not just the shop, but also the house, and everything in it. Her mom had provided the recipes for the spells they sold to tourists. These days, they sold other things too, Tie-dyed silk scarves, candles, watercolor paintings by some of the local artists, trinkets, and they conducted “spooky tours.”

Drew and Marianne had known each other since they met in junior high school. When he came home from NYU with degrees in music technology, she was there to welcome him. A frown creased his forehead. Was I addicted to sex then? I can’t remember it. When did it first start? He threw the remains of his coffee in the sink and placed the cup in the dishwasher. Maybe Marianne knows … maybe she noticed.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2017 Single edition
Drew loves the ladies. He's gorgeous, talented, and always in demand. One New Orleans summer is set to change his way of life forever.
Marianne owns a new age shop where sometimes Drew helps. They've been friends since high school and even live in the same house. Strange happenings permeate the hot summer air as Marianne sells her spells and potions.
5 things you need to know about Drew Devereaux
1. He's caught in a trap
2. He's carrying a torch for someone
3. He's tall, dark and handsome, naturally
4. He loves strawberry ice cream
5. He's takes tourists around the New Orlean's cemeteries, when he's not being the sound engineer in the numerous TV shows and movies filmed in New Orleans
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Lily's looking for peace, but finds the town’s most eligible bachelor and secret bad boy, Starr Forrester #teaser #eroticromance

Lily Prescott is only just over a relationship break up, when she decides to take up residence in a house left to her by her recently deceased grandmother. Her corporate law job takes a back seat as she licks her wounds in the small country town. She looks around the main shopping street and discovers people who will befriend her, but she also runs into the town’s most eligible bachelor and secret bad boy, Starr Forrester.
Loved for his lifelong association with the town, Starr hides his methods for staying single well from his friends. He’s nearly thirty, gorgeous, a designer, owns a business, and on the lookout for his, ‘Winter Girl’….

Will it be Lily? What is a ‘Winter girl’?

Read the teaser: 18+
Lily flicked on the porch light and opened the door.

Ash gave her a look full of desire. “Lily, I have to see you…”

Under his spell already, with her own needs ignited, she threw herself into his outstretched arms.

Ash caught her to his body as a flood of relief washed over him.

Lily kissed him hungrily.

He tasted her lips, biting gently and following the bites with soft kisses. He traced his tongue on her lips. He slid his tongue along hers as she opened for him, and dragged her against his growing erection.

Lily gave him kiss for kiss and held his face to hers. Then in a surprisingly sexy move, she unzipped his jeans, and kissed down his stomach muscles.

He held her just a little away from his body, and whispered between kisses.
“We have to close the door. It’s freezing outside.”

She didn’t let him go. She shuffled him away from the door.
Ash followed her kissing down her neck as she pushed the door closed, somehow managing to suck his earlobe into her mouth as she did.

Ash pulled her sweater over her head and kissed along the top of her breasts. He couldn’t find a way to open her lacy bra, so he unzipped her jeans, and pushed them down to mid-thigh as he kissed her.

She plunged her hand down inside his shorts to hold his cock.

Ash pushed into her hand and groaned, thrusting his hips a little. He kneaded her ass and she moaned into his mouth. He pulled her underwear away to feel her skin and run his fingers along the insides of her thighs.

Lily cupped his balls in one hand and grasped his cock with the other.

Ash’s breath left him in a whoosh and his stomach clenched at her touch. Her cream coated his fingers as he circled her clit and then pushed into her. ‘She’s ready. She’s delicious, so hot.’ He sucked along her neck and down to a breast as he pumped two fingers in and out of her.

Lily murmured her pleasure. “I want you naked.”

He smiled a little as he kissed her mouth, the side of her mouth and bit her shoulder softly. He looked into her eyes.

“I want you naked. I can’t open your bra.” He removed his fingers from her.

Lily sighed.

He picked her up, and walked with her in his arms, through the nearest door, to what he hoped was a living room. The room had a sofa and he put Lily down. He leaned over her and sucked a nipple into his mouth through the lace of her bra. He stripped off her jeans and underwear in one. His fingers found her wet entrance again.

Lily moaned as he pushed them into her.
She whispered. “Take your clothes off, Ash. Let me…”

Ash didn’t think he could stop kissing her to undress. His cock was so hard he felt he might just come right then with his tongue in her mouth. He drew away with a sigh. He had to have her completely naked.

Lily dragged his sweater up and licked at his stomach.

He stood and took his sweater off, as she leaned forward, held his cock, and sucked it.
Ash groaned. The pleasure practically overwhelmed him. He held her head gently and thrust into her mouth once, twice, slowly trying not to go too deep, and then he pulled away.

She looked up at him.

“Lily, take your bra off now before I tear it off you.”

She pulled the bra up over her head smiling. “It’s a pull on.”

Ash levered off his boots and pushed off his underwear, jeans, and socks. His cock pulsed standing away from his tightened stomach. ‘It’s been too long. I need to take it slow.’ He told himself that, but he was desperate to plunge into Lily’s cunt, and feel her tight and wet surrounding his cock.

Lily gazed at him. “I just want to look at you for a moment.” She ran her hand over his thighs and then between them, tracing her fingertips under his balls. She swept her hands over his stomach and hips. She kissed the head of his cock when it bumped against her chin and then she took the length of it into her mouth again.

Ash moaned. “Lily, I need…” He didn’t finish. Gently but firmly, he took her head away from his cock. He sat on the sofa and pulled her to straddle him.

She sank onto his cock, to the hilt, and moaned throatily the whole time against his lips. “That feels so good.”

Ash agreed, but he couldn’t get the words out. Pleasure had stolen his voice. He grabbed her hips and helped her as she thrust her hips riding him. Nothing existed for Ash but the soft sound of desire Lily made and the intense sensations rippling through his cock and balls.

His orgasm broke over him in a wave of delicious feeling. He pushed a fingertip against Lily’s clit as she rocked on him.

She leaned to his lips and moaned against them. “So … so good.”

Ash felt her orgasm as her inner muscles clenched on his cock and it throbbed in return.

He held Lily tight against his chest, his arm around her neck, and he kissed her hard.

Lily traced along his shoulders and down his back with her fingertips.

Ash closed his eyes to savor the touch.

They stilled against each other, their kisses gentle, loving, sweet, and addictive.
Ash felt so much better. ‘Things are working out after all. Lily threw herself at me when she opened the door.’ His sigh of relief whispered gently across Lily’s ear and she nestled against his neck.
Copyright Elodie Parkes , Hot Ink Press