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The Medieval Bad Boy is Back!

Thank you so much for having me back to your blog. I'm so excited to once again share Gard and Braelynn's story with readers. After a brief hiatus, The Devil Take You, has found a new home.

The Devil Take You, is set in 1307, during the Scottish Wars of Independence.

Here’s the blurb:

Braelynn Galbraith wants peace for her beloved Scotland, marriage to her childhood sweetheart, and a house full of children. In that order. But evil incarnate, in the form of Gard Marschand, turns her life inside out and destroys all hope of a decent marriage.

Known in the Highlands as the legendary devil, Gard Marschand raids his way across Scotland and England amassing power and property in his malevolent wake. He will stop at nothing in his pursuit to regain what is lost— even conceal his true identity and associate with his enemies. His determination is all-consuming until he and his men lay siege to Ross-shire and one feisty Scottish lass obliterates his single-minded purpose.
Can Gard abandon his deep-seated need for revenge for a love that just might save his rotten soul? Or will he succumb to the demons that hound him and surrender to the devil within?

I believe your stay in purgatory has only just begun…

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I love a good historical romance, don't you? 

Before I started writing; historicals were my go-to reads. I read every Julie Garwood, Judith McNaught, Kinley MacGregor, and Jude Deveraux book I could get my hands on—long before e-readers. And then I discovered the phenomenal Karen Marie Moning!

So, when I decided I was going to try my hand at writing I thought I was going write strictly historical romance. The experts say write what you know. 

And well, there's also that other saying about best laid plans... LOL

It was both interesting and hard work, getting back into this story and revisiting these characters. What hadn't changed was how much I love them. And not only Gard and Braelynn, but also the secondary characters who helped bring this story to life. It also reminded me, how much I enjoyed doing the research for the historical component, and the precarious political climate of the time as well.

I wanted to create something a bit different. So I started with a villain and I made him the center of the story. He is severely flawed and cruel, driven by anger and hell bent on revenge.

Then the hard part was, how to present him in a way that would still endear him to readers.

That was the fun part of writing this book. It was challenging right from the beginning and I knew that I had to create the right woman with a combination of strength, resilience, and an overabundance of, if not understanding, at the very least acceptance, for a man who had no remorse for any of his wrongdoings and with no inclination or desire to change. Braelynn Galbraith began as the woman in the wrong place at the wrong time, and she eventually evolved into a character that could stand toe-to-toe with the devil and hold her own.

I hope readers will enjoy Gard and Braelynn's story, as much as I did writing it.


Brae kept her back to him, too ashamed to face him.

He grabbed her by the arms with enough force to bruise her flesh, and he spun her around. He paused momentarily, his gaze darting about her tear-stained cheeks.

“You will not do that again!” he roared.

“I dinna e’en ken wha’ I did!” she retorted.

Gard bared his teeth and flung her away.

Losing her balance, she hit the wet pallet.

With as much dignity as she could muster, she stood, then brushed herself off.

Anger like she had never experienced burned in her belly. 

Brae did not consider her actions, she ran at him with this newfound fury. She hurled herself at his chest. When he reached to steady her, she raised her hand, then struck him with all her might. The blow landed on his chin.

He reared in shock.

“I willna do it again. Because ya willna touch me again! Do ya hear me? Dinna touch me!” she screamed, standing toe-to-toe with him. She would not concede. Even if he retaliated, he would have to look her in the face to do it, and she would not cower. She slapped indiscriminately. “Dinna e’er come ta me like tha’ again! Not unless ya be man enough ta finish it!”

His black eyes gleamed with fury as she struck him again and again.

“I canna take it anamore! Ya willna treat me this way! I willna have it!” Tears fell in earnest as she continued to scream like a madwoman. “I have done nuthin’ ta ya, Gard, ta deserve your rough treatment, day after day.” She punched his shoulder. “If I dinna seem like Braelynn Galbraith anamore, ya be a’righ’. ‘Tis all your fault. Ya drag me further and further inta your murky world o’ wretchedness, evra damned nigh’ ‘tis the same.”

She slammed her palms into his abdomen so hard that he took a step backward before bracing his legs apart to accept more of her attack.

She fisted her hands and pummeled him. “Ya canna stand me durin’ the ligh’ o’ day, but ya come ta me in sleep. Your unconscious desires me.” She continued to assault his person, uncaring if he would retaliate. “Ya turn ta me. Ya put us both in a state o’ bein’ tha’ I didna e’en ken existed.” She hammered at him. “And then ya leave me! And ya seek oot someone else ta expend your want.” She clenched her teeth at the pain it caused her, then she released her pent-up angst with her fists. “How do ya think tha’ makes me feel? Oh aye! I ken! Ya dinna care. Ya do wha’ ya wish. Ya are the great and powerful Gard Marschand and ya treat people abysmally and ya beat children and ya seize things tha’ arna yours. Ya kidnap women from their homes and ya ruin their lives, but as long as ya are content bein’ miserable, all is a’righ’ wit’ the warped and twisted world ya have created, built on anger and revenge!”

Crying openly, she punched him. “Ya willna do it ta me anamore. Do ya hear me? No more will ya turn me inside oot. Ya willna touch me again, Gard, fore if ya do I will turn your own dirk on ya. See if I dinna!”

* * * *

Her fists slowed.

Gard was incensed by Brae’s audacity, but he was also oddly pleased, if not extremely stimulated by the assault. Grown men did not stand up to him like she just had.

He took a moment to harness his anger. “‘Twas always the plan,” he explained, “if you have forgotten, for you to be able to defend yourself against me. And now that you truly hate me, you may just be able to bring yourself to do it.”

“God kens ‘twould be a lot less agonizin’ for me if I did!” She stomped her foot, then planted her hands in the middle of his chest and heaved with all her might. While he recovered his balance, she made for the exit, and ran for her life.

Copyright © 2019 H.K. Carlton

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Author Bio:

H K Carlton is a multi-genre Canadian author of romance, with over thirty titles in publication. From naughty to nice, historical to contemporary, time travel to space travel, and everything in between.

Variety is creativity’s playground—It’s where you’ll find me

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Will Gunner choose to stand with his loyal Outlaw brothers or will he choose the path that crosses them—and leads him right into her arms? @AuthorLynnBurke #newreales #MCromance


#MCRomance #Erotic #Suspense #Series #HEA
Gunner’s Flame
Devil’s Outlaws 2
Publisher: Changeling Press
World-WideRelease Date: April 5, 2019

Will Gunner choose to stand with his loyal Outlaw brothers or will he choose the path that crosses them—and leads him right into her arms?


Mitch “Gunner” Flannigan rules the Devil’s Outlaws with a firm hand, one trained by his stint in the SEALs, yet tempered by empathy for other vets. When a curvy redhead in Army fatigues snags his attention—and puts him in the line of fire—he’s torn between wanting to bury himself between her lush thighs and helping to ease her return to American soil.
The recent death of Shelby’s mother and her cousin’s terrorizing only adds to the PTSD hindering her return to civilian life. Flames ignite when she’s thrown into Gunner’s arms, where she also finds safety with someone who understands her struggles.
Attempts on Gunner’s life threaten their future, but so do the secrets Shelby withholds from him. When those secrets come to light Gunner will have a decision to make. Will he choose to stand with his loyal Outlaw brothers or will he choose the path that crosses them—and leads him right into her arms?
Warning: Contains adult content, graphic violence, and dark emotional scenarios that may trigger some readers.

Changeling Press - 15% sale:
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Appropriate or not, I rifled through Shelby’s bureau, pulling out comfortable-looking clothing rather than the sexy underthings I’d have loved to see on her body. The second she’d stripped down to a mere t-shirt, nipples pebbled from the cold air of the house, my dick had decided to fuck with the goddamn situation and enjoy the sights.
And her ass beneath those damn fatigues? Shit. Even better than I’d imagined.
I adjusted myself, teeth clenched, and made my way back across the hallway to the closed bathroom door. My soft knock went unanswered, and I opened the door enough to speak though. A blast of that herbal scent from her shampoo tightened my dick to the point of pain.
“I got you some clothes,” I said, slipping them onto the sink beside the door, keeping my gaze averted from the shower directly ahead.
“Thanks.” Her voice broke.
“You okay?” How many times had I asked her that, knowing she’d say yes even though she wasn’t? I wasn’t usually one for a loss of words. “Shelby?”
“Y—Yeah.” She sniffled a bit, and the shower shut off.
I forced myself to step back into the hall and quietly closed the door in front of me. Shelby had to be in shock—I wouldn’t put it past her to climb out of the shower without a thought of her nudity while I stood in the doorway.
Dick aching, hands clenched at my sides, I told myself she needed a friend, nothing more. Sitting on the edge of her bed to wait for her didn’t lessen the tight confines of my leathers. A bookshelf on the far wall held old paperbacks, pictures, and knickknacks, and even an old gray stuffed bunny that looked well-worn and well-loved.
I wondered at her life before that day, her childhood, what happy moments she’d tucked away in her memory. I wondered, too, at the life ahead of her and how she would cope with becoming a civilian again—alone, without family except for a cousin she wasn’t close with, and without the brotherhood-type club that had helped me.
While I expected she wouldn’t be able to handle group therapy, I knew of two therapists who would fit her in if asked. Talking her into it would be another matter altogether since most returning vets didn’t want to be seen as being weak—even though seeking help wasn’t in my book.
With a shitty family—old, drunk dad, deceased mom, younger sister addicted to pain killers—I’d been thankful to find someone who helped me unload. I’d had a few girlfriends here and there, but none of them had understood my need for the Navy and the Outlaws after getting out. I needed that companionship, that brotherhood that gave my life meaning after struggling to adapt to home again.
Shelby’s arrival in the bedroom’s doorway prickled my skin with awareness and wiped all thoughts but her from my head.
Waves of damp red hair hung to her waist. She’d gone without the bra I’d included in the pile of clothes, and the tight t-shirt revealed every goddamn curve of her plump tits, including her tightened nipples.
I clenched my teeth and tore my gaze off her before my eyes could eat up her long legs encased in dark leggings and wonder at the color of hair hiding her pussy. “Come over here,” I said, pulling back her comforter and angling my body away from hers to hide my straining erection.
She obeyed without a word, curling on her side to face me, hands folded beneath her cheek. Light blue eyes fringed with equally pale lashes with a hint of red at their tips, peered up at me as I slouched to a crouch beside her bed.
My hand moved on its own to smooth strands of her hair away from her face, and she sighed, her eyelids fluttering shut beneath my touch, her freckles stark against her pale skin. “Will you stay while I sleep?”
“If you want me to.”
“Yes. Beside me, please.” Her brow furrowed. “I—I can’t be alone right now.”
Knowing there was no way in fuck I could crawl under the covers and hold her close, I laid down on top of her comforter behind her after texting Brewer to let him know I wouldn’t be returning to the compound that night. Shelby turned and tucked herself into me the best she could considering the blankets between us and let out another sigh.
“Thank you for saving my life and bringing me home.”
“Thank you for allowing me to be your knight in shining armor.”
A huff of light laughter escaped her, and my lips responded. I pulled her closer, settling her cheek on my chest and rubbed my fingertips against her scalp.
“Promise you’ll be here when I wake?” she murmured, her voice fading.
“Promise, sweet thing. Close your eyes and sleep. I’ll keep you safe.”
© Lynn Burke 2018

Lynn's Author Logo


Lynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of spicy romance stories. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life.

Look forward to warmer weather with #FirstChapterFriday from #menage #romance The Summer Heat @evernightpub @elodieparkes

The Summer Heat MFM #menage romance from Evernight Publishing 
When lifelong friends Nate and Evan watch the arrival of a new neighbor, they never expect to find their friendship rocked by the lovely Annabel As they all grow close, will she be forced to choose between these gorgeous men? 
5 * glittering review, 'I thoroughly enjoyed this novella. I loved all three characters and it has one of the most erotic love scenes I've ever read.' LBAS reviews 

Chapter One

“Watch out, Nate. That thing’s lethal.” Evan burst out laughing as the chainsaw blade bounced off the tree stump and onto the grass, forcing his friend to cling on tight to the handle.

“Fucking thing has a mind of its own.” Nate turned the chainsaw off and laid it down on the gravel path. “I reckon the trunk’s short enough now to dig the roots out.” He picked up a spade that leaned against a neighboring tree.

Evan grinned. “Maybe we need to take the two remaining branches off.” He ran a hand over his forehead and took off the clear framed, safety glasses he wore. After tossing them down on the grass, he pulled off his T-shirt. Sweat trickled down between his muscled shoulders, and he wiped the back of his neck with his shirt, a frown creasing his forehead. “It’s already hot. Let’s get this finished.” He strode around Nate to the path, and retrieved the chainsaw. Within a few moments, the tree stump stood devoid of the remaining branches.

Nate shook his head at Evan. “You should be wearing the glasses and the gloves I gave you.”

Evan grunted. “It’s done. Don’t fuss.”

Nate grinned broadly at his friend’s gung-ho dismissal. “Hey, it’s not fussing. A flying sharp splinter could take your eye out.”

Evan’s returning grin held affection. “Yeah, I know, I just wanted it done.” He placed the power tool on the path and picked up one of the bottles of water standing next to Nate’s supply of work gloves and safety glasses. He poured some over his face and then took a drink. “Warm.” He grimaced at Nate, put the bottle down, and picked up a spade.

Nate shrugged and then drove the edge of his spade into the soil around the tree.

Evan joined him digging silently at the base of the tree stump.

The tree grew on the edge of their garden, and they’d had complaints from people because it dropped branches on the sidewalk. Nate had dutifully hired a tree doctor who discovered disease caused by a virulent beetle pest. The prognosis for the tree was bad. It needed cutting down, and the tree doctor informed Nate they were lucky the other trees hadn’t contracted the beetle.

The Saturday morning sun blazed in the June sky. Heat shimmered off the sidewalk. Nate and Evan were the only people out in their front yards. The noise of their work tools were the only sounds, as not even the seagulls that often wheeled overhead ventured from the cool of the ocean yet.

Nate and Evan’s house was one of the largest in the rows of three story houses built along the river in a modern development unimaginatively called Riverside Mews. Narrow lanes that led to the river path separated the rows. Somehow, patches of white sand always settled on the paths, though the nearest beach was a mile away. Each house had its own river access, through a gate at the end of the back yard to a riverbank public path, but there was no boat access, no jetties. The public path wound along by the river from the seaside town close by and on into the countryside. The house to the right of Nate and Evan’s place was occupied by a small family, but the house to the left had been empty and for sale all year.

The roar of a large van engine broke the hot, morning silence as it turned into the street and thumped over each speed hump in the road, until it drew up in front of the empty house next door.

Nate gave the van a cursory glance, but Evan leaned on his spade and watched as two men leapt out of each side of the van. He read the name of a removal firm and their logo emblazoned across the side of the vehicle and discovered it was from a city in the north of the state. It piqued his interest, so he continued with his unashamed staring.

The men who’d alighted from the cab walked to the back of the van and opened its double doors, just as a pale blue, old model Mustang drove up and parked a short distance away.

A young woman got out of the Mustang.

Evan liked her shapely body right away. He straightened up for a better view and admired the swing of her hips. Without taking his eyes off her, he murmured to Nate. “Check her out.”

Nate stopped hacking at the sun-baked soil around the remaining tree trunk and looked around. He gazed at the young woman for a few seconds and then turned back to his job. “Sexy. Don’t stare.”

Evan resumed digging, but he stole glances as the two workers unloaded the items from the removal van. When the young woman walked up her front path, Evan took in the attractive sight of her thighs in the cutoff jeans she wore, and then raised his gaze to her pretty face.

Her eyes met his.

Evan’s stomach muscles clenched. Surprise at the reaction in his gut and a shock of sexual attraction spiked through him.

The young woman’s expression held a hungry, lonely look that woke dormant emotions deep inside him.


She’d been halfway down the street, when Annabel saw the two guys working in their front yard. She took in the muscled torso of the guy who openly stared at the moving van, and the hard bottom of the guy digging. They’re yummy.

Edgy with pent up sexual energy, Annabel longed for a man in her life. The summer heat didn’t help. She eyed every guy with his shirt off. Every couple kissing on the beach or in the park as she walked caught her attention. In the six months since she’d split with her then boyfriend, she missed sex the most. She didn’t miss his moods and his lazy ass around her apartment. She didn’t miss waiting up for him at night, hoping he’d make love to her, only to find he’d sleep on the couch. When he’d confessed he’d found someone else, a kind of relief had flooded her. She wanted something different, real love, a passion so consuming she’d be rocked by it.

Annabel checked out the two gorgeous guys working in their garden again. She knew “bare chest guy” said something about her to “gorgeous denim clad ass” because he immediately looked around at her. She gazed back at the one whose admiring stare sent waves of pleasure through her as she went up the path to her new house. A huge pull of attraction to the men startled her, and as she opened her front door, she considered them. They’re so hot, wonder if they’re single. Maybe they don’t even live there. Maybe they’re gardeners. I hope not. I hope they live there. Even if we’re only friends, they’re someone beautiful to look at.

Her house waited cool and quiet. She raced through it, relishing the space, and the white walls where the sunlight bounced back and dazzled her as she pulled up the roller blinds. She opened the patio doors and dashed out, down the path, and through the gate to the riverside. The water, dappled in brilliant greens, sailed by, looking cool and deep. The river widened there on its way to the sea, and across it lay open countryside. Annabel had loved the house as soon as she saw it. She loved the street, the funny little access lanes, the palm trees in her back yard, and close to the lovely seaside town where she’d found her new job, the house exuded a welcoming atmosphere. Everything was perfect.

Annabel didn’t have much furniture and instructed the removal men about where to place it. She’d dropped into the place a couple of days before and turned on the built-in Westinghouse, piled bottled water in there and two six packs of beer, and then looked out at the river. The street had been silent, except for bird calls, and she’d assumed all the residents were at work. She was on vacation. Annabel went to the fridge and took out two bottles of water and two beers. She met the removal men in the hall as they placed the last item of her furniture there, an old, solid oak hall table.

“I guess you two could use a drink.” She held the bottles up against her chest, and as she handed them to the men, damp patches appeared on her T-shirt from the condensation on the bottles.

The younger of the two men gawked at her nipples peaking in the dampness and the cool of the air-con.

Annabel folded her arms over her breasts as she realized this. She gave them a polite smile. “Thank you. You’ve done a good job.” She directed a question at the removal man who’d taken charge of the proceedings, “Anything for me to sign?”

“I need to get the paperwork from the van.” They both turned to leave.

She followed them out of the door. As she walked down her path, she glanced over at the neighboring garden. Her breathing quickened at the sight of the gorgeous guys, both without shirts now, as they tugged at the tree stump. She hurriedly signed the form the removal man handed to her on a clipboard, and remained on the sidewalk as he and his assistant got in the van and started the engine. The van pulled away from the curb.

Annabel sauntered back to her front door. The noise of the van engine must have caught the attention of her possible neighbors. They both stopped work to look. She took the opportunity. With a smile, Annabel stepped across her lawn and crossed the narrow path to stand a short distance from the two men working in their garden.

“Hi, I’m Annabel, I’ve just moved in.” She waved at her new house unnecessarily, and continued, “Do you live here, are we neighbors?” As she said this, her gaze traveled over the naked torsos of first one man and then the other. Their faded and ripped jeans rode low on their hips. The taller man’s jeans hung especially low and a hint of his dark pubic hair showed. Annabel could hardly take her eyes off his hard stomach. Licking her lips, she tore her gaze away to look into the other man’s eyes as he shielded them from the sun with a gloved hand.

He’s lovely. Holy hell they’re gorgeous, both of them. I couldn’t choose one. I wouldn’t … it’d be both … if possible…Annabel waited for an answer, heart pounding. Being so close to such perfect specimens of manhood played havoc with her condensation-primed nipples, and she crossed her arms to hide the obvious hard peaks.

One of the men answered. His eyes held a smile, his voice, deep and breathtakingly sexy.
“Hi, yes, we live here. I’m Evan, this is Nate,” and he gestured at his companion.
Nate took off his work glove and offered his hand to Annabel.

She shook his hand, looking into his blue-gray eyes. Annabel soaked up the texture of Nate’s skin and the sexual heat in his expression. She enjoyed the quick clench that occurred in her pussy as he smiled invitingly. He’s delicious.

“Hi Annabel, it’s good to meet you.”

Then Evan offered his hand.

She left Nate’s sensual grasp reluctantly and put her hand into Evan’s. He cradled it, and his fingertips skimmed the inside of her wrist. The effect was so sexy her pussy drenched her panties. Fuck, I’d like to drag him down onto the grass and do wild things. It made her smile a little, when the thought, with both of them, popped into her head.

Evan gently let go of her hand as he spoke. “We didn’t think the house would ever be sold. These places go quickly usually, but that one lingered all year.”

Unable to help herself, Annabel stared wistfully at his lips and then into his eyes. Are they single? She questioned inwardly, but said, “I can’t think why it took so long to sell, but I’m glad it did, so that I could buy it. I love the place.”

Evan smiled. “We love it here. Close to our work, close to beaches, great place. If you need a hand with moving in let us know.”

A thrill of pleasure coursed through her at his kind offer. “Everything heavy is in place. The removal guys did that. I just have boxes to unpack. It’s a warm day. Do you want to come over for a cold drink when you’ve finished that job?” She nodded at the tree stump. “I’ll probably know if there’s anything I need help with by then, and need a break. Thank you so much for offering.” She glanced at Nate as she said this to make sure he knew she meant them both.

Nate answered. “Love to.”

She smiled at him. He’s so lovely. Both men had dark hair and blue eyes. Are they brothers? It’s too soon to ask. “Great, I’ll let you get on with digging out the tree.”

She left them and crossed the path to her house. Her heart beating fast, elated by the encounter, she sighed with longing. They’re both so attractive and seriously sexy. Imagine making out with one of them, or both. I definitely couldn’t choose which one. I’m desperate to kiss Evan or Nate, yeah … desperate.


Evan watched her walk away, and when she’d gone into her house, he let out a low whistle.

“She flirted with me. Did you see that, Nate? She kept looking at me and licking her lips.”

Nate stared at him for a moment. “She looked right into my eyes with meaning when I said we’d go around for a drink. I actually felt it in my balls. She’s hot. I might ask her out.”

A twinge of annoyance put a fleeting frown on Evan’s face. “I might ask her out.” Then he softened. “We’ll have to share her.”

With a laugh, Nate gave him a playful thump on the arm. “Let’s get this tree stump dealt with, and then we’ll go around to her place, and make ourselves indispensable.”

Evan accepted what Nate said, but as he dug, he determined that at the first moment an opportunity arose, he’d ask Annabel out. She sparked something in him. A deep need floated in his heart, and it made him want to see her again soon. Just set eyes on her.

Copyright Elodie Parkes, Evernight Publishing

He wasn’t prepared for the brazen little smile that hooked her sinful lips. Read a #teaser from guest @AuthorHKCarlton If you Can't Handle the Heat

Thank you for inviting me to your blog today. I’m doubly excited to share not only the re-launch of, If You Can’t Handle the Heat, but this re-release is also my first self-publishing venture.

This story was previously published with the title If You Can't Stand the Heat. Though there is a little bit of added content, the story remains relatively the same.

In this erotic story, two very different professionals are brought together as celebrity judges on a reality-based cooking show. Sesto Théodore—the celeb chef that the show is built around—meets walking cliché, Syn Fully, erotic novelist. Though there is an immediate conflict in personalities, there is also an instant sizzling attraction. A classic clash and burn.

If You Can't Handle the Heat
H K Carlton


An unlikely couple is brought together as celebrity judges on a new reality-based cooking show.

Sesto Théodore, is an arrogant yet well respected American-Italian chef, with several five-star restaurants.

Once bitten, twice shy, Syn Fully, is a jaded author of erotica, rocketing her way up all the best sellers lists.

From the moment Syn and Sesto meet, their personalities clash, yet behind the scenes sparks fly. Getting together would be a recipe for disaster, but hot sex with no-strings couldn’t hurt. At least not until real feelings get involved.

But just when Syn considers opening her damaged heart to the cocky chef, video of rather personal content is leaked online. Sesto immediately jumps to conclusions and accuses Syn of the privacy breach.

Can the arrogant chef forgive and forget, or will his pride leave him out in the cold?

Somebody’s about to get burned…

Possible Triggers: Please note one scene contains borderline bdsm and dubious consent/forcible confinement. Also in this story intimate video is obtained without the knowledge or consent of the participants involved, and later distributed online

Author’s Note: This erotic story has been previously published with the title, If You Can’t Stand the Heat. Though there is a little bit of added content, the story remains relatively the same. It has been re-edited and re-formatted for re-release, and has a sizzling new cover thanks to Studioenp

Buy Link:

Sesto took the opportunity to turn his wrath on Syn. “May I speak to you out in the hall, please!” he demanded, shooting to his feet.

“Of course,” she responded, haughtily, as though she hadn’t just been giving him the initial stages of a hand job under the table.

Sesto allowed Syn to take the lead. He was momentarily captivated by her long shapely legs, as she stalked across the space, confident and oh-so fuckin’ sexy in those red stilettos. Sesto pulled level with her and couldn’t resist the urge to place his hand to the small of her back, left bare by the severe cut of her dress. If he wasn’t mistaken, she’d trembled at the contact. Or was it his hand that quivered?

In the corridor, Syn rounded on him, at the same moment he blurted, “What the fuck do you think…”

The words died on his tongue, as she once again stroked his shaft through his trousers. Her gaze settled on his mouth. Her breathing was shallow.

“Where’s your dressing room?” she asked, backing him up.

Sesto grabbed her other wrist and dragged her into the green room, before slamming the door behind them.

He yanked her hand, above her head and forced it against the door. He half-expected her to fight. What he wasn’t prepared for was the brazen little smile that hooked her sinful lips, as she raised her arm to join the other. With both hands stretched above her head Syn arched toward him, thrusting her beautiful tits, right in his face.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he asked again. “We don’t even know each other.”

“I know. Isn’t it wicked, how our bodies want to though.”

He groaned, shifting uncomfortably foot to foot, yet he couldn’t focus on anything but her lovely breasts.

“Go ahead, Théo, set them free,” she tempted, her voice barely above a whisper.

© H K Carlton

Buy Link:

About the Author:

H K Carlton is a multi-genre Canadian author of romance, with over thirty titles in publication. From naughty to nice, historical to contemporary, time travel to space travel, and everything in between.

Variety is creativity’s playground—It’s where you’ll find me

Join me for the ride:

Outrageous Girls (contributor)

New release #gayromance with an edge of #paranormal The Romantic. Read a #teaser

Handsome Luke Kirby loves books, so when he finds boxes of old and beautiful tomes in a dusty shop, he can’t resist buying them. To his delight one of them contains what he hopes will bring an end to his loneliness and heartache. As he prepares to cast an ancient prayer spell to the god of love, across town Ethan Goss decides that moving to a new apartment will ease his broken heart.
With the help of an eccentric real estate agent, gorgeous Ethan goes to a viewing in the block where Luke lives.
When Luke meets Ethan in the lobby, it’s the start of a passionate love affair. 
Fate hasn’t finished with the two handsome men—will true happiness evade them both?
#gayromance with an edge of PNR